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Stealth List Building Formula Review

I am very thankful to have had the chance to review this new product, it will definitely change how I list build in the future, starting today. Oh, and thanks for breathing some life back into my online efforts.

I am hoping you find this helpful or at least informative to your future list building quest.

I received a review copy of this program in hopes of gaining some insight into what I was doing wrong over the last couple years in my own list building quest. Now just so you know, I work a full time regular day job and am beat when I get home so I usually spend no more than an hour a day with my online efforts anymore. Those of you who have all day or spend many hours with your online business will have an excellent success ratio just based on time and effort put in.

First, I have tried list building and have been pretty much unsuccessful, not from being over zealous or over mailing or anything like that. I have about 20 lists but each with less than a 100 subs with no more than 200 on the largest and to this day have not made maybe but a dozen sales with those lists. Not because of a lack of effort but obviously a missing link or puzzle piece of info on my part.

So lets cut to the chase and check out this new product, a personal view, Stealth List Building Formula Review and go through each module individually. There are 7 modules total, 5 of which are the main course. Mod 6 & 7 are bonus modules that compliment the course to give you the best all around info and tools to complete the circle of total list building.

On through the intro and into module 1.

Mod 1;

Without letting out any critical info, this module goes through and gives an excellent and very valid idea into how to make your subs and buyers tell you exactly what they want to see or are interested in. With some simple steps and follow through, this is what gives you the advantage in how to not only build a list but exactly how and what to market to that list based on the subs themselves.

Maximising communication is the perfect idea but with a new subscriber, how do you know exactly what they want or what they are really looking for? this module gives you the essential base info on how to apply this technique and gain the insight into what the sub really wants or needs. This is how your list becomes engaged and the value builds from there.

Mod 2;

Inside this module, you will get the nuts and bolts and actual method on how to put everything together with all the info you learned about in mod 1. With the info inside this mod you will be able to implement the strategy that builds a list of subscribers that will be scratching to open your emails.

With a simple free resource that helps you build your idea, it will help you to understand better what exactly it is your subs want. This can be customized to the point of no return and gives you the ability to really know how to communicate what it is your sub needs based on the subs themselves, how awesome is that…

Mod 3;

This module is an onscreen demo of how to use the resource from mod 2 and put it into actionable use. Using a simple 3 step process, you’ll be able to build and implement this technique to get started building lists that are customized to the subs own needs and wants. By the way, the particular resource you will be using is outstanding and with the capabilities of customizing just about anything you want and setting it all up specifically, its a no brainer and I truly wish I would have known of this before.

Mod 4;

In this module you will learn what to do with all the information you have gathered and how to implement your new strategy directly to your new customized lists. This is an excellent module and has some great info. Your new resource (from mod 2) will also help you to build valuable reports to help you better understand everything about your new subs or customers. A nice demo on how to use it is perfect. Another excellent tool I wish I had known about 2 years ago.

Mod 5;

Do you want to make effective and perfect promotions? This module will take you through, step by step on how to create the perfect strategy to promotion and how to effectively take any guess work out of the equasion when it comes to what your customers or new subs are looking for. Tailoring your emails to your customer/subs wants and needs is the perfect way to keep the communication at its highest level and to keep them interested in opening your emails. This alone, if implemented the way it is shown in this training should not only increase open rates, it should increase sales substancially. Something I have been searching for for quite some time.

Mod 6;

This is a bonus module and will show you how to properly customize your thank you pages. Accommodate what the customer wants. By using specifics and letting their engagement tell you exactly what they need or want, and based on that info alone, you can have many different options and know exactly what and where to send them. Another excellent technique that will shine with your efforts all using this one resource mentioned above. This is one of the best features I have personally seen and cant wait to implement.

Mod 7;

This module is another bonus and is all about generating the right traffic and what determines the offer or page you want to send that traffic to. Very specific steps and specific sources that you use to gain and drive traffic to and from. This particular info is absolute and is essential in the final effort in your stealth list building formula. Something I really like is having the option of knowing in advance where a specific sub ends up and where that is is totally based on them.


When it comes to new products and or methods for online list building, I have literally bought to many to count and failed miserably with almost all.

Whatever the case may be, this particular method looks to be the way I can break out of my list building slump and give myself or anyone else for that matter, a way to build lists of tailored and customized subscribers that are willing to engage, open and become loyal subs that spend because you are giving them exactly what they themselves asked you for. It don’t get better than that in my personal opinion.

The 7 training modules are short and sweet, to the point and dont piss around with a bunch of crap or unrelated, unwanted info. Straight to the guts of the what, where, how, why and when.

I am in the process right now of working this new info into my list building efforts and am actually looking forward to it which is something I have been lacking confidence in for quite sometime now.

I believe this will help everyone that list builds or wants to build a good, specific, customized list. Even for some of the more experienced level list builders. I know I am anxious to see the results of my efforts.

Final thought, to me, this is an invaluable course to add to your list building efforts and I really, highly recommend this to anyone looking to build that perfect list. There is no better way to get started, beginner to advanced, this will work for you.

Joe W.

You can grab it right here – Stealth List Building Formula

p.s. This will work for anyone and any niche, it looks as well like it could really be an excellent choice for targeted or specialized niches too.