About Us

For those that want to know I (Geo) have been in the Internet Marketing business now for almost 5 years. Let me tell you, it has been one helluva ride without question.

I began in april of 2010 without any prior knowledge of the internet, (I am serious when I say that) I was a complete newbie to even messing around online since prior to that I was in the trades and became laid off.

I decided I wanted to make money online after seeing a ton of crap online about it, so I just thought up a name for a website, went and bought the domain name, hosting and built a website. Lets just say, it was a long drawn out ordeal and that original website did nothing for me except teach me one thing, you cant just throw up a website and expect miracles…

Well, 4 years and 8 months later I have learned plenty and over those years I became more knowledgeable about certain criteria that you must know and do in order to make it online.

Now I’m here, I have made little money at times and on to making good money at times and have had the typical ups and downs that can come in a moments notice while working online. One thing I can tell you from real experience, before you begin you must have a plan, an action plan of sorts, something with goals and ideals of exactly what you want to accomplish. If you don’t, well, you’re going to just flounder around and eventually fail. That’s a sad fact but its the truth.

So with all that being said, hang around, read and learn, it will be the best way to understand what your doing and why your doing it. And in the end if you have written your plan of action down and followed through with the steps you laid out for yourself, you will be on your way. But you cannot falter in any way shape or form, stick to your plan until you have accomplished what you set out to do before moving on to the next cycle in your adventure.

Hope to hear from you with some comments, feel free to comment and ask questions, that’s the best and fastest way to get an answer you may be looking for.

Thanks for hangin,